Dratel & Lewis is well known nationally for its comprehensive representation at all stages of federal criminal practice, from investigation through trial and, if necessary, sentencing and appeal.

The firm’s notable achievements in federal criminal representation include:

  • United States v. “Charitable Foundation” – Obtained acquittals on 31 out of 32 counts in the largest terrorism financing case ever prosecuted;
  • United States v. “Greene” – Successfully avoided indictment of a senior executive of a major telecommunications corporation, and also avoided subsequent attempts to require his testimony at a criminal trial and in civil depositions;
  • United States v. “Windsor” – Successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement, including safe passage to the U.S. for purposes of executing and implementing the agreement in court, for a British citizen charged with criminal copyright infringement, and for whom the U.S. had sought extradition;
  • United States v. “Washington” – Successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement for defendant charged with operating a manufacturing and distribution facility for synthetic marijuana;
  • Investigation of “Mossadegh” – Successfully avoided indictment for the President of a foundation alleged to constitute a surreptitious agent of a foreign power and state sponsor of terrorism;
  • Investigation of “East River Co.” – Successfully avoided indictment for principal of construction company, and the company itself, in federal tax investigation;
  • Investigation of “Marley Trucking Co.” – Successfully avoided indictment for principal of a trucking company in two separate federal investigations regarding alleged fraud in execution of New York State’s mMinority Bbusiness Eenterprise program in the construction industry;
  • Subpoena to “National Organization for Civil Rights” – Successfully represented U.S. organization in quashing government subpoena for production of classified document the organization had received unsolicited;
  • Investigation of “Michael Randle” – Successfully represented former U.S. intelligence agency employee during investigation of leak of the existence of warrantless U.S. intelligence agency electronic surveillance program;
  • Investigation of “Flynn” – Successfully represented lawyer in national security investigation involving alleged disclosure of identities of covert intelligence operatives;
  • United States v. “Alexander” – Obtained unanimous life verdict in double homicide case for client facing the death penalty;
  • United States v. “Rodriguez” – Negotiated immunity for a potential witness, and company president, in a financial impropriety case and represented the witness in collateral civil proceedings;
  • United States v. “Samuel” – Negotiated immunity for a health care organization’s Chief Financial Officer, who was subpoenaed to testify in the grand jury and at trial;
  • Investigation of “Jacobson” – Successfully avoided arrest and prosecution for a client being investigated for an alleged computer crime; and
  • United States v. “Riordan” – Successfully negotiated the return from overseas of a U.S. citizen charged with a significant construction fraud, including securing the client’s release on bail pending the outcome of the case, which resulted in a sentence of probation.